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 Console displays

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PostSubject: A PlayStation 3 Issue Or A Site Issue?! Hmm.   Console displays Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:09 pm

I'm not so sure if the issue is related with the PlayStation 3 in itself... or the SmashedMedia website that is associated with the SNS (Sunday Night Showdown) Radio Network website. I don't know much about the PlayStation 3... but I hope you're getting the SNS Archives from it fine since the posting, L-Train.
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PostSubject: Console displays   Console displays Icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 8:03 pm

I download the archives of the shows onto my PS3 (as I did on the old SundayNightShowdown site) but a few things don't load up when I go to this site from there.

For example, if I click on the archive page on my PS3, it won't give me any of the archive links. Is this just a timing issue for more stuff to be worked on on the site?
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Console displays
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