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 Recent show from the power

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PostSubject: Regarding About The Miz And Andy Knowles Dislikes Of The Man!   Recent show from the power Icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 3:57 am

Agreed, McCane. Very good points you made there. Obviously, "The Power" Andy Knowles with his HUGE dislike of The Miz from what he started in his WWE career through where he is right now. Although Andy gave credit to The Miz at one point when he wrestled the best match of his entire career at WrestleMania 27 against John Cena there, which is unreal to say the least. And although the PWI 500 is kinda "there" to say the least and him being number one... I guess you can say that Andy took it to heart. To me though, The Miz has worked his butt off throughout 2010, and probably has earned that spot in the number one position, so to say, so yeah.
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PostSubject: Recent show from the power   Recent show from the power Icon_minitimeSat Jul 30, 2011 5:02 am

This past rewind, was the first time I have gotten a chance to hear the power, and loved the show, BUT disagree with almost everything he said, which is one of the best things I enjoy about listening to the SNS network as a whole.

The entire issue with the world title belts was very interesting, I was confused the entire time, because he seemed to blur the difference between real and script, when it came to the belt. The second title was brought in to carry the fact that Punk left the WWE (Whether behind the scenes WWE was aware that Punk was still with the company, has no barring on the story itself) The story was that Vince (Once they went to black on the ppv) no longer saw Punk as champion, and set the tourney up to get a new champion. The story is now simple, Triple h is in power, and "Signed" Punk back to the WWE, and consideres him the champion, BUT Before Vince was releaved of power, he set up the tournament that crowned a new champion, which is why Cena is also looked at as champion (Whether we think he should even smell in the direction of the belt, is not important right now)

AND NOW, the Miz, lol. Whether you believe he kissed so much ass, that Vince tatood Miz's lips perminately to his ass, it has no meaning in this arguement. Miz was asked/told to do something, and without fail went and did it, There isn't a wrestler on the roster who doesnt do that. If they say no, then they are no longer on the roster, which says it all. Miz, like many others before him, was in the right place at the right time. It was a time when WWE needed that heel character who could get a reaction from the fan base, all the while be a prominate face out in the public eye. Miz fit that bill, many media outlets knew him from his mtv days, so they had a step in front of many of the other guys on the roster at the time. Did the WWE push him hard, YES, but Who on the list of PWI top 5000 winners, wasnt pushed the year they won? Dean Malenko was Andy's vote for getting an apology for this mishap in judgement, so let;s talk about the Great Malenko

Malenko was voted pwi top 500 in 1997, based on his popularity during the hight of the cruiserweights of 1996. Dean came in 13th the year prior while he was wrestling for ECW, so that in itself isnt that big of a jump between years. The thing that stood out was Andy's comment that Dean didnt need to be pushed or titles to get to that position, HOWEVER, Dean saw 3 seperate title runs during 1996 and spent almost the entire year main carding the cruiserwieght matches on tv. Andy also brought up the puke fest that is Cole, always talking about how great the Miz is, but go back and listen to Bobby heenan or Mike Tenay talk up the man of 1000 holds and how he was revolutionalizing the cruiserweight division. The one thing you will notice the most is that Dean's in-ring performances NEVER faultered after 1996, but his title reins slowed to the fact that he only saw one more, alos notice that his status inside PWI after 1996 decreased every year thereafter. 35th in 98, 21st in 99 (The year of the radicals), 48th in 2000, and finally 111th in 01,

Quick note andy, it was the state of New Jersey who FORCED Vince to come out and publicly proclaim how fake Wrestling was, they would not allow a show in the state unless he did that. I can still remember the press confrence with Vince and Undertaker, lolol. That day broke alot of young childrens hearts when that happened.

My point with the Miz, you have to drop personal anamosity for the guy or the fact that you think a 5 year old can beat his ass, when your looking at this issue, because whether handed the push or not, he held 3 belts during 2010 and held the biggest prize of them all for 160 days alone. You cant just throw that to the side, when considering who the number one wrestler is. (I saw pope mention Punk, but thats a beleif that was caused due to recent actions, if he had packed up and left back in 2010, no one would have thought twice.)
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Recent show from the power
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