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 The "Original" Nexus Members!

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PostSubject: The "Original" Nexus Members!   The "Original" Nexus Members! Icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 10:25 pm

We are now already a full year away from the epic seven on seven (14-man tag team) match between the original Nexus (the REAL Nexus, not the New Nexus) and Team WWE back from SummerSlam 2010. A lot has happened between then and now.

Where do you see the careers of each of the eight original Nexus members going, now that a full year has passed since they main evented SummerSlam together? Please be sure to discuss your thoughts on all eight of them in your response. Do NOT mention CM Punk, Husky Harris, Mason Ryan, Michael McGillicutty, or even John Cena, because they were not part of the original Nexus. I want this to just be about the founders of the group.

The "Original" Nexus Members! The_Nexus_at_SummerSlam_2010

Wade Barrett:

- Wade has had the best career so far out of any of them, that's for sure. He has main evented past pay-per-views, led two stables (The Original Nexus & The Corre), won the first season of NXT, and held the WWE Intercontinental Championship. I hope WWE still has some big plans waiting for him down the line. There's even potential that I can see him becoming a World Champion someday in the near future... fingers are crossed for this talented Englishman.

Justin Gabriel:

- He is a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, along with Heath Slater. I see them keeping him around as a midcard babyface, but not much higher. Get fans excited in his matches, especially with his aerial maneuvers to please the audience lower on the card, but really, nothing beyond it.

Heath Slater:

- He is a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion. along with Justin Gabriel. If they played their cards right, I think that he would make a good heel midcard champion, perhaps more if he is booked properly. He has that "One Man Rock Band" gimmick in him. How about a character refreshment for him and let him be some sort of badass guy. Who knows. Hope he has a bright future and becomes a star too.

David Otunga:

- The only one to remain a member of The Nexus in every single lineup it has seen (original and new). He has won the WWE Tag Team Championships twice. One with John Cena, the other with Michael McGullicutty. He definitely needs to improve in the ring, so I hope he gets some practice on FCW to improve his in-ring work. He could be given some sort of a little push, given that he has connections in the celebrity world, also great for promos, and he even has Jennifer Hudson as well. We shall see if the "A-List" can move up, or if he'll be the "F-List" for moving down big time.

Darren Young:

- He was featured two times now on WWE NXT, the first season and the fifth season of the show. Why did he return to NXT for the second time, I don't know, but he should be featured on the main roster though. Too bad the New Nexus got "disbanded", so they can use a guy like Darren since he has connections with the original Nexus. I hope he's given some opportunities to shine. Probably be a midcarder for life too.

Skip Sheffield:

- Hmm, I wonder what happened to him? I heard he was supposed to come back from his recent injury as a potential upper mid-card babyface. He could always go to SmackDown instead of RAW and be an enforcer. I would rather he be a heel monster than nothing though. He sure has been missing for a VERY long time now. We shall see WHEN he even RETURNS to the main roster from his injury, or that if WWE Creative have nothing else for him to do at this point.

Michael Tarver:

- Well, he got targeted, got GOT, and was released. Hopefully, he ends up somewhere where he needs it. Like maybe TNA Impact Wrestling, ROH Wrestling, or just doing independents as soon his ninety days are up. We shall see how he can take this approach.

Daniel Bryan / Bryan Danielson:

- He may not have been part of the group for very long, but Bryan was an original member of The Nexus. He has had the second best career so far, just after Wade Barrett. He won the SmackDown Money In The Bank briefcase. Others might argue that his has now become the most successful. But I do see him becoming the first of the bunch to win a World Championship, unless Wade happens to sneak in one before WrestleMania 28, or whenever Bryan cashes it in. He has also won the WWE United States Championship as well. He also had very good feuds with likes of Michael Cole, The Miz, amongst others. I see Bryan sticking around for many years to come because he is one of the best submission specialists the WWE has ever had in a very long time, and he is a very talented wrestler, so he can work with guys that need improvement, and he can benefit from that.

So what are your thoughts on the original Nexus guys a year after the angle that might be the climactic moment for many of their careers?
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The "Original" Nexus Members!
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