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 Tweaks for the WWE series going forward

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Tweaks for the WWE series going forward Empty
PostSubject: Tweaks for the WWE series going forward   Tweaks for the WWE series going forward Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 1:29 pm

These are some ideas, of things I would like to see in the game at some point, or tweaked a bit.

WWE Universe:
- More control as to who the number one conteders match includes
- an actual reason for the mystery partner in the tag match (For the most part, many of the mystery partners have zero to do with the others in the match, and sometimes, non of the wrestlers have anything to do with each other in the match.)
- If my partner comes out and beats me up, then we shouldnt be teaming the following week.
- Give a solid reason to why a stable has split (Many times, the team just stops being a team anymore, for no reason at all.)
- Manager cut-sceens (If a guy is being pinned to close to the ropes, and he has a manager, have that manager put his foot on the rope, or if the guy getting beat is defending the title and he has a manager and is a heel, then have the manager pull the ref out of the ring and get DQ'd causing the title to stay where it is.)
- Different attacks (The same one over and over again, started to stale a bit)
- Cut-sceens that include the title being stripped/ injuries during tag matches, that force a handicap match/ interferences that change matches from single to tag/ ect.

RTWM: Please at some point scrap it. I know this prob. isnt going to be popular, but I just believe that this mode LIMITS way too much and a universe type career mode would be better (I'll get to that later)

Create a finisher: Same as RTWM (another personal opinion, but it just doesnt have the effect it once did. and alot of the finishers i have seen, are just out thereand long winded. Alot of them just dont look right, the stunner from the secound rope doesnt even connect.

Create a wrestler:
-Some new outfits would be great, I know we get some, but for the most part, it seems to be the same attires every year.
-Ultimate Warrior and Rocker style armbands and knee pads
- Face paint and masks, more.
-older wrestler attires (I dont know the limitation to this, but having similar style clothing to guys like Atom Bomb/Warrior/glacier/giant gonzalez/ect would help
-Tatoos (Real looking tats would go over very well)

Create an entrance:
Being able to bring an item to the ring (Duggans 2x4/the american flag/british flag/ ect
More older wrestlers entrances (Each year, it seems like the majority of entrances have been in the game for a few years now, things like Ricky steamboats dragon fire entrance, or Gangrels entrance or HBK and Undertaker Hell and heaven entrances, would lifen up the create a entrance a bit)
A couple of off the wall entrances (Its a video game, have fun with a couple)
More tag and 6 man tag entrances (Even though we can make all these stables, the fact of only having 3 or 4 entrances that are always the same ones, takes away from the entrance part)

-Newer weapons (A big stop sign, or a cookie sheet, or even a bed pan, would bring some fun back into using weapons)
-Wrestler interaction with those weapons
-Newer Hotspots
-Multiple ways to use each Hotspot (I i want to powerbomb a guy through the announcers table or pedigree them, it would be nice to have the choice.
- Crowd noise and announcing (They both sound for the most part, like they dont want to be there, and are bored calling the matches.) See All Stars for crowd reaction
- Submission system needs to be tweaked (Just need to feel like your actually doing something. Maybe struggle to the ropes, or something like that)

PLEASE increase the moves sets:
- It would be nice to see every wrestler on the roster have their own set of moves. (If there is 60 guys on the roster then there should be 60 different moves that go with face up opponent on the ground move, or standing on the side of fallen wrestler.)
-More IMPACT on some moves

Thats just a few things on my wishlist. Now for the career mode style feature. Because of the RTWM feeling so limited by both who you can use/who you will be fighting (There are over 60 guys on the roster, it shouldnt be limited to the same champion you fight everytime you play) and the voice over work, I would like to see it changed to a more career style feature. Something using the idea of the universe and its anytime anywhere the story changes idea, to go along with it.

You start off by creating your own superstar, but you are limited in their attires/moves and entrances. You then fight in a high school gym/night club/american eagle club, until you meet with JR from the wwe. He invites you to a tryout at FCW (at which point, you unlock some new attires/moves and entrances) After the try-out, your contracted to compete in the FCW for a while (Here you will fight pre-made wrestlers and your other CAWS from your list or downloads) while in the FCW, you start meeting the actual wrestlers, talking to them (Your given a few different choices, as to what to say, and your answers will determine whether they will like you or hate you) Also while your in the FCW, wwe wrestlers will come for a visit and challenge you to matches and IF you win, you'll unlock more items.

You now have a meeting with Vince and JR, and they tell you that you will be starting on Superstars until your ready for Smackdown or Raw. (Here you will fight a few CAWS along with guys like Santino/JTG/ect until you recieve the call for the big time) Here is where the Universe helps make this a much better career mode. You will be allowed to pick if you want to fight for titles/ you can create and break up stables during this time (There will also be times when your partners wont give you the chance to disband the stable, they will do it for you) At times you will have to make decisions during your time (maybe a wrestler is getting beaten by the Nexus, and you have the options to do nothing/join in on the beating/or make the save. Each will have things happen if you choice that option) To add to the fun, in game cut-sceens. Things like, your partner comes down during a singles match and either costs you the match on accident, or helps you turn the match around to your favor. Or you are going after the world title, but your opponents manager held down your feet causing you to be pinned. Maybe after a strong 6 month reign with the world title, your stripped of the title, by the GM, maybe your fired. (Fun things to do while your fired as well)

The reason why I like this idea more than the RTWM mode, is because you could go through many years before you've seen all the stories/decisions in this mode, and with it being text based instead of voice over, it would allow you to use ALL wrestlers on the roster and your own caws or downloaded wrestlers during the mode.

Feel free, add some of your ideas too.
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Tweaks for the WWE series going forward
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